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Lake likely to lose her Biodiversity Secrets

Local knowledge is very important. In most cases it is simple and cheap to get but is often not regarded with the seriousness it deserves. Lake kivu is one such area that has not lost her legendary and biodiversity secrets. This is the public knowledge that is half the truth and most people pretend not […]

AFRICA: Climate Change will affect us Too!

Is Africa Prepared to deal with impacts of Climate Change? No will be the correct answer to this question. Africa in general is overwhelmed with other problems. HIV AIDS, poverty reduction and political instability and general governance issues seem to take centre stage in Africa. To a large extent, it has been forgotten that all […]

Working with communities to conserve IBAs

Albertine Rift/Rwanda Bite…Muraho? Bite (read ‘bee teh’) is the general greeting in this wonderful, small East African country. This means the country has only one local language (Kinyarwanda) and I belief this makes it the largest language group in Africa, if not in the world. This is totally different from PNG where there are more […]

Introducing ACNR Rwanda

Here comes Enoch Ontiri, Introducing conservation work in Rwanda. The Kisii highlands are beautiful to look and very nice to visit and even stay. The whole of Kenya where I grew up is just fantastic. But all these did not stop me from going to Papua New Guinea where to work in nature conservation. I […]

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