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Don’t Forget this Treasure-Albertine Rift

The old wise men from my ancestral community say “however faster you run, you can never be faster than your mother; the stones that support her cooking pot will always call you back” The Albertine rift now remains a source of sweet, important essentials for both humans and nature. These goods are in the form of the ecosystem services that are supplied from the abundance and variety of the Albertine rift resources.


Stepe Buzzard                                                                                                                 Red Backed Shrike

As you may realize, the “Albertine Rift Birds” have been silent for some time. Just like all birds, they had migrated briefly but in unusual way! I too followed them. Where “we were and what we did will come in the subsequent blogs! But for now, I just wish to tell you we are back!

Masumi and Victor have escorted me to Rwanda via Uganda. The journey had a number of exciting things but did not miss challenges. We went through Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Institute of Tropical Forestry Research Centre at Ruhija where we spent the last night in Uganda. If you have not been here, please purpose to before the end of the “forest” (or is it world). It is a wonderful place in many ways. As we came down from Ruhija research station, we clearly show the tips of Muvura, Murabura, Karisimbi and Sabinyo mountains. From the local people, Sabinyo means an old man’s teeth. It is the most beautiful mountain with a number of crater lakes at the top. There is no better way to understand why this beautiful country is called the “pearl of Africa”.

Victor, Masumi and Enoch, Albertine rift support team                Habib, our Cab Driver

Habib, our taxi driver managed to drive us safely down the mountain to Kabale and to the Uganda-Rwanda Border. In the country of a thousand hills, we spent a week meeting various conservation organizations who are prospective partners with WildlifeDirect. The ACNR team was already out at Lake Rweru on a waterbird monitoring excercise.